Trump is fake

I smuggled myself via Twitter and some fake tweets into Trump’s online environment. Although i made explicit comments in favor of Mister Orange Agent, i did not receive a single upvote!

It is obvious that all commenters are russian bots, upvoting each other and communicating with each other.

There were about 2k comments within less than a second.

I hate the Dems, but i’m convinced now that Trump is controlled by Moscow.

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  1. When he was first elected, ‘the president Trump channel’ was created on disqus. It was and is one of disqus’s biggest channels. Its tone was absurdly reverential to both Trumpkov and putler. The members were very aggressive far right Americans who all love the kremlin shit weasel, plus Russians with fake American names and open Russian trolls. It functions effectively as Sputnik or RT. I commented several times and did not criticize Trump but did criticize putler, receiving a predictable torrent of abuse followed by a ban. There is not one pro-trump site on disqus or anywhere else that is anti-putler. Not one. The following is a list of the biggest pro-Trump sites in America that all follow the kremlin line as slavishly as Sputnik : infowars, the savage nation, Drudge, Breitbart, Gateway Pundit, Tea Party, Anne Coulter, citizens for Trump, Zero Hedge, Taki’s Site, Fox/Tucker Carlson etc etc. And then there is the huge conservative talk radio sector : all pro-Trump/pro-putler. Particularly vile putlerites there include Laura Ingraham, Hannity, Alex Jones and of course Savage. The biggest one is Rush Limbaugh; a borderline putlerite.
    Never forget the popular term ‘alt-right’. It is code for putler jackboot lickers. America is flooded with the fuckers.

    • I’m shocked and scared. America seems to be hijacked. And the worst is that corrupt Biden and commie Bernie are no better.

      • Me too. The penetration of putinazi Russia not only into US politics, but US media and public opinion is an obscenity. There is way, way too much goodwill towards a mass murderer for my liking. I don’t want the IRA-loving, anti-British, crypto-Marxist Dems either. I want a GOP purged of putinoid scum and led by someone like Marco Rubio, Col Allen West or Kurt Volker. I always think of Rubio first because he was the only one to say how he would deal with putler and publish it. But the folksy colonel is also very robust and being a black southerner is definitely a plus.

  2. I can imagine there are quite some conservatives being dissapointed, but if he is a russian puppet?
    I am skeptic.

    Reminds me of the argument saying he is controlled by the jews to be honest.
    Just saying.

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