Zelensky’s remark that WWII was prompted by ‘collusion between totalitarian regimes’ unacceptable – Kremlin

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s remarks in Poland regarding the causes of the beginning of WWII in 1939 are extremely insulting to the memory of all those who fought Nazism, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

While speaking to journalists on Tuesday, Peskov was asked to comment on Zelensky’s remark made while visiting Poland the day before that the start of WWII was prompted by a collusion between totalitarian regimes, which subsequently started “the deadly flywheel of the Holocaust.”

“We categorically disagree with this statement. In making this statement, the Ukrainian president sided with what we see as an extremely erroneous point of view of the Polish leadership, a point of view that insults tens of millions of Russians and citizens of other CIS countries, whose parents, grandparents, and other relatives gave their lives in order to liberate Europe, including Poland, from Nazism,” Peskov said.

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  • A couple of definitions for Putin’s glove puppet to contemplate.

    Totalitarian – A form of government in which the state controls every aspect of the individual’s life and all opposition is suppressed.

    I think Zelensky is 100% correct in this case.

    Liberate – To liberate someone from something means to help them escape from it or overcome it, and lead a better way of life.

    Swapping one totalitarian state for another, is not liberation.

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  • Pisskopf is lying through his front ass again…

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  • Exactly right Zel! “the start of WWII was prompted by a collusion between totalitarian regimes, which subsequently started “the deadly flywheel of the Holocaust.”
    I couldn’t put it better myself.

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  • Pisskopf’s lies can be easily debunked. If Moscow would have considered Germany an enemy they would have upgraded their army to deter Hitler. Yet until the germans attacked the USSR nothing in that direction happened. Thus Moscow was not only collaborating, they were also plain naive and stupid.

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  • The insult to the millions of USSR citizens that fought and died in the war was Stalin’s incompetent leadership. Every decision he made only weakened the USSR’s position.
    Attacks on Finland and Romania only add more enemies and widened the war frontage. Stalingrad was a heroic battle but it never should have happened anywhere near that deep in inside the USSR.

    The next insult to the CIS people is the modern effort to make a hero out of the lunatic.

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