Zelensky: Defeat of Russian army in 1920 is an example of Ukraine and Poland uniting

Ukraine and Poland should emphasize those aspects of their history which unite them, and not those which divide them, said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at a press conference after meeting with his Polish colleague Andrzej Duda in Warsaw.

“In our relations, we are focusing on that which unites us (and I am convinced that this will continue). For example, the Battle of Warsaw, the hundredth anniversary of which we will commemorate in August,” he said.

During this battle in 1920, Polish troops with support from the Ukrainian People’s Republic led by Symon Petlyura won a decisive victory against Soviet Russia’s Red Army, turning the tide in the Russian-Polish war. As a result, Western Ukraine was part of Poland for nearly 20 years, and the spread of communism to Europe was halted.

In 2016, after the Polish Sejm passed a resolution on the genocide of Poles by Ukrainians during World War II, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and Polish President Andrzej Duda announced their intention to shift the historic emphases. At the time, a decision was made to look for heroes shared by Ukraine and Poland.

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  1. Poland helped Serbia and Austria to bring the turkish invasion of Europe to a halt near Vienna. Sadly the EU is now helping the invaders to complete their conquest…

    • Exactly! It’s a relief to see there is atleast one person here who is not only focus on Russia and Putin, there are also other threats to our countries and most of our politicians collaborate with the demons, and Putin himself is one of them. He doesn’t give a damn about the demographic, and probably also the cultural, future for Europe, he just wish to found an empire, Sovietunion 2.0.

      • There is only one country illegally occupying parts of Ukraine. Besides, this is a website dedicated to the removal of the occupying filth. Otherwise it would be just another news/blog site. Also, behind virtually every international conflict you will find……..Putin. Examples: Iran, Venezuela, Sudan, the C.A.R., Bolivia, Syria, Lebanon, Hungary, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Bulgaria, Cuba, Afghanistan, poisoning in Great Britain, murders in Germany, migrants from Africa, incursions into Norway, elections in the USA, border disputes with Estonia, yellow jackets in France, referendums in Denmark, and of course, Ukraine.

        • That is literally true. Plus, behind every evil conspiracy theory being promoted in the world is …Russia. The central idea that Russia invented with ‘the protocols of the elders of zion’ back in the late 19th century not only inspired hitler but is still being quoted daily throughout the Middle East: especially in putler client countries like Iran and Syria. Ironically, the widely believed Russian lie that all the bad things in the world are down to a Rothschild/Masonic conspiracy is a neat cover up for the actual reality that you outline in your comment.

        • Well, as you can see i never wrote that Putin should be a kind of saint.
          And i take for granted you feel the same about other kind of occupying filth aswell, right?

        • And then you have this guy named Soros, he is also very eager to interfear in things that’s none of his business.

  2. The two Countries are far closer in many ways than to vatnikistan. Any relationship with Poland is worth fostering.

  3. It is pretty obvious that the Kremlin has been trying to foment discord between Ukraine and Poland . The Russian trolls on other sites have been actively pursuing this.
    Nice to see both Z and Duda releasing statements recently to counter the Russia disinformation campaign.

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