Red Cross denied full access to detainees in Donbas – OSCE coordinator

Red Cross denied full access to detainees in Donbas – OSCE coordinator

28.01.2020 18:16The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has been denied full access to detainees in ORDLO.

The Coordinator of the Humanitarian Working Group at the Trilateral Contact Group (TCG), OSCE Ambassador Toni Frisch said this at the “OSCE in Ukraine in 2019” conference in Kyiv on Tuesday, January 28.

“We always talk about access to persons held in Russian-occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Unfortunately, ICRC was denied full and unconditional access to the detainees, despite the fact that such a decision has already been made, and that this issue has been repeatedly raised in the Normandy Four format and in the format of two participating countries of the Normandy Four at the level of ministries and a high level,” Frisch said.

As Ukrinform reported, about 300 Ukrainians remain in custody in the territory of Donbas controlled by Russian militants, Crimea and Russian prisons.



    • For a hundred years, the Moskali have hidden prisoner’s locations in a way to simultaneously torture the families and leaving them wonder if their loved ones are alive or dead. My wife still doesn’t know anything about her Dad that was taken from her in the dead of night 40 years ago.

      • That must have been a terrifying and shattering experience. She must have been very young at the time. It would have taken place during the Brezhnev gangster regime. Nothing ever changes; only the names of the rulers.

      • My wife’s grandfather went to Kyiv in the 1930s to buy some food, he disappeared never to be seen again. No doubt he was on one of Stalin’s hitlists.

        • Oh no. That sort of thing should never happen in a world filled with good people. Even once. But it has happened millions of times and they all ended up in ONE country. Today, that same country even has a veto on the UNSC…
          Don’t poke the bear? No? Just shoot the mutherfukr…

          • Yeah, but what is worse, the KGB, or the collaborators who pointed fingers? Millions of innocent people disappeared because some bastard was telling tales to the KGB.

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