Italian channel calls Ukraine ‘Little Russia,’ embassy demands correction

Ukraine’s Embassy in Italy has responded to a remark made by a TV host of Italy’s national public broadcasting company RAI, who called Ukraine “Little Russia.”

The Ukrainian diplomatic mission reported this on its Facebook page.

“In connection with an incorrect and even insulting remark made by the host of the Italian show L’Eredita on the RAI television channel (January 26 this year) that ‘Little Russia is the second name of Ukraine,’ the embassy’s strong position on the need to correct such actions was immediately brought to the management of the television and radio company,” the report said.

According to the embassy, given that no response has been received from the RAI channel so far, it was decided to make such diplomatic steps public and to post a letter on the official page of the embassy.

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  1. If any country deserves the title of “Little Russia” it is the nazi state of Italy. Italy has a lot more in common with Russia, than Ukraine does. Both are nazi states run by mafia.

    • That greasy little putler jackboot licker Berlusconi still has massive influence on Italian media. I have no doubt whatsoever that it was a calculated insult, designed to denigrate Ukraine and promote a close Berlusconi friend and ally : the kremlin shit weasel himself.

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