Over 100,000 birds killed over bird flu in Vinnytsia region

The main department of the State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumers’ Protection in Vinnytsia region has reported about killing 108,690 birds over an outbreak of avian influenza in the region.

According to the authority, on Friday, in particular in Khutor private farm 108,140 birds were destroyed, Nemyriv-Podillia LLC (both are located in Vinnytsia region) – 544 birds.

In addition, as of January 24, the disinfection of one room where the birds was kept was completed, and work began on cleaning and disinfection of others.

“In order to control the epizootic situation, 15 working groups are working in the protection and surveillance zones, which keep records of the birds in the private sector and conduct clinical examinations,” the authority said.

According to the authority, a clinical examination of 24,980 birds was conducted in 1,109 yards of 32 settlements. According to the results of the clinical examination, information on the bird incidence in the zones under monitoring was not received.

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