Director of Komsomolets Donbasu mine, who demanded to pay off wage arrears, detained in “DNR”

The miners of the Komsomolets Donbasu coal mine, operating in the occupied Donbass, have confirmed the fact that the “DNR” security forces detained director of the enterprise Andriy Vashura. This is stated in a letter addressed to one of the separatist Telegram channels.

According to the letter’s authors, the detention of the director by the so-called “Organized Crime Control Bureau of the DNR” was due to the fact that Vashura refused to “ship coal to the Pushilinsky Coal House until the full payment of wage arrears to the staff from mid-November 2019”.

According to the miners, the formal reason for the detention was charges of embezzlement.

They write in social networks that the director of Komsomolets Donbasu was taken away by the “DNR” security forces right during a staff meeting, where the issue of salary arrears was discussed.

(C)OSTROV 2020


  • What the hell is the “Organized Crime Control Bureau of the DNR”? The whole of the occupied Donbas is controlled by Russian mafia.

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  • So, to get this straight; this guy withheld coal delivery for wages that are past due and gets arrested for this by an “anti-organized crime” unit in a territory that is itself a crime syndicate, propagated and kept alive by the largest mob country in the world.
    Really, I can only laugh my ass off about these people! The scary part is that these childish clowns from mafia land are still in possession of so many nuclear warheads.

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