Passengers from China will be screened at Boryspil Airport by infrared thermometers

Sanitary-quarantine unit is equipped with special equipment

On Sunday, January 26, passengers from China will be screened at Boryspil Airport by infrared thermometers. The Ministry of Health on its Facebook page reports.

“Specialists of the sanitary-quarantine unit have already been trained and equipped with infrared thermometers,” – the report said.

The World Health Organization updated screening guidelines on Saturday.

As we reported, In China, the number of coronavirus victims has increased to 56 people, On Twitter, the news agency notes that experts began to develop a vaccine against the deadly virus.

In addition to rising deaths due to the epidemic, the National Health Commission of China, as of midnight Saturday, has recorded 1975 confirmed diseases, as well as 2684 suspected virus infections.

The Chinese authorities have introduced the highest level of emergency response in the field of public health in 25 provinces, as well as in cities of central subordination and special administrative regions.

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  • There is currently a bird flu outbreak in Ukraine, as a result exports of chicken has been stopped to various countries. Shouldn’t the same laws apply to humans carrying a virus. Stop all flights from China into Ukraine, we have enough diseases to be going on with, especially the Russian one.

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  • A country which has huge warehouses where live wolf pups, bats, snakes, mice and other vermin are stored for the purposes of food, should be shunned. Imagine all the viruses interacting in such a hellhole? The chicoms cooking methods will not kill the viruses either.
    At Heathrow, medical teams are on standby to ‘welcome’ visitors from China. Stupid fucks should just cancel all flights.
    A reminder that the chicoms often use ‘gutter oil’ to fry their bats and other shit with.
    Gutter oil is rancid fat collected from sewers and garbage sites and recycled. Sick bastards.

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  • For fuck sake! Don’t let them enter at all! They shouldn’t be able to enter before this either but now your people might die because of them. Amazing.

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