Missile hit helicopter with Ukrainian pilots in Afghanistan

Pilots received minor injuries22:32, 25 January 2020RF Ministry of Defense 

Helicopter with Ukrainian pilots was hit by missile in Afghanistan. It is reported by TV8.

The Mi-8 helicopter of Moldovan airline was attacked in the city of Kayaki. At the time of shelling from an RPG grenade launcher the helicopter was on the ground.

There were three crew members inside the helicopter, including a mechanical engineer and a pilot from Ukraine. They were slightly injured, and the co-pilot from Moldova was not injured.

All pilots were evacuated on another helicopter and hospitalized to provide medical care, they were soon discharged. Nothing threatens their health.

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  1. No one should place their foot in that country, just let them live the way they wan’t and don’t let them migrate to your country, that’s how to deal with them.

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