Save UATV, Ukraine’s Global Voice and Defense Against Disinformation! #SaveUATV

Zachary Nelson started this petition to The Ukrainian Government and

We appeal to the Ukrainian government to:

1. Renew live news broadcasting of UA|TV in English, Arabic, Russian, Crimean Tatar, and Ukrainian;

2. Resume self-production of UA|TV’s programs and their translation into all five languages;

3. Continue supporting and improving UA|TV’s website and social media presence in all five languages. 

For four years, UA|TV, the 24/7 International Broadcasting Multimedia Platform of Ukraine (IBMPU), embodied the mission of bringing “Ukraine to the world”. The channel was at the forefront of countering disinformation about the country. The Ukrainian government’s decision to stop UA|TV’s live news broadcasting in English, Arabic, Russian, and Crimean Tatar, effective January 13, 2020, greatly diminishes the country’s control over its own narrative and leaves it vulnerable to worsening aggressive propaganda. 

Founded on October 1, 2015, as Ukraine’s counterbalance to Russia Today, the channel was invaluable as a digital diplomatic mission, providing objective, relevant, and essential information about Ukraine, from inside Ukraine. The UA|TV international teams worked tirelessly to deliver the latest news, analysis, and exclusive interviews in five languages (Ukrainian, English, Russian, Arabic and Crimean Tatar) to broad audiences around the world.

UA|TV’s reach was extensive and unrivaled. The channel was available on 5 satellites and 768 cable networks globally, broadcast in Europe, the U.S., Canada, parts of Asia and the Middle East, and also in the Temporarily Occupied Territories of the Donetsk and Luhansk Regions and Crimea. 

With 30 non-news programs, the channel also served as a source of education about Ukraine’s rich culture and latest developments, including content on Crimea and eastern Ukraine; ongoing reforms; achievements in science, technology, and culture; stories about prominent Ukrainians of past and present; and portraits of Ukrainian history, art, nature, and tourist destinations. Without this type of programming, many around the world would remain ignorant about other facets of Ukraine, knowing only the negative portrayal of the country as wartorn and underdeveloped. 

UA|TV was on the front line of the information war with Russian propaganda. The channel and its dedicated teams helped the world to see the real Ukraine. If UA|TV is not restored, the country’s voice will fall silent. 

Can we all sign this petition, here is a link to the petition website.



  1. It is or was an excellent news outlet. It needs to be relaunched, but this time with a massive budget. Countries like Britain and America give $billions to hostile, backward countries that hate us. Why not divert some of that cash away from shithole countries like Pakistan and put it somewhere where it will have a positive effect?

    • Why not allow people from Ukraine, Greece, Portugal and Spain instead of muzzlim trash to strengthen our workforce? Why not not sanction the shit out of Russia? Why not exclude Turkey from Nato? Why not strip Moscow off their UNSC veto? Why not provide Ukraine with true succor? Why not ban RT worldwide?

      Because we are ruled by corrupt cowardly gay trash, with no ballz, no sense and no integrity!

      • Agree with all of the above, with one proviso: however good it would feel to kick Erdoganistan out of Nato, it would be a disaster for the black sea democracies. Sultan Erdogan would run straight into putler’s waiting arms and putlerstan would have full control of the Bosphorus strait and thus the Black Sea in its entirety. Not forgetting also: the US would lose its base in Incirlik.

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