Poroshenko says SBI hindering his international activities

Member of the European Solidarity faction, fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has said that the investigators of the State Bureau of Investigations (SBI) are using summons for questionings with the aim of hindering his international meetings and visit.

“On January 20, when I voluntarily came to the SBI in order to stop insinuations with the summons and to find out when I can come for questioning, they told me that it was very important to be present on January 24. I had to cancel an international visit – several international meetings had been scheduled in Switzerland, in Davos – and I think that they are highly likely monitoring my correspondence. They saw the booking and scheduled my questioning as a witness exactly for the same day,” Poroshenko told reporters at the SBI, adding the criminal cases, in which he is a witness, were designed for creating a show instead of investigation.

Poroshenko also said that the SBI is trying to interrupt his international activities.

“[A session of] the NATO Parliamentary Assembly is scheduled for the end of January. I am departing there on January 27, but they schedule a questioning for January 31. The only thing why they are doing this is to hinder by international activities,” Poroshenko said.

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