Kyiv Post Cartoons, issue 04

NEWS ITEM: In January, Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle started a new life away from their duties as British senior royals and moved to Canada. Meanwhile, British police decided to include the Ukrainian coat of arms, called the “tryzub” (trident), in a counter-terrorism police manual distributed to medical staff and teachers as part of anti-extremism briefings. The document, which was published on Jan. 17, has triggered a backlash in Ukraine, with many criticising what they view as the vilification of a Ukrainian national symbol. The Embassy of the United Kingdom in Kyiv apologized for the tryzub’s inclusion in the manual on Jan 20.
NEWS ITEM: On Jan. 26, an unknown person leaked audio allegedly taped during an informal meeting between Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk and several ministers and top officials from the National Bank. In the recording, Honcharuk is heard saying that President Volodymyr Zelensky doesn’t understand much about how the economy works. The audio’s publication was apparently meant to portray Honcharuk as disrespectful of the president.
Photo by Kyiv Post
NEWS ITEM: Andriy Bohdan, the head of President Volodymyr Zelensky’s administration, used to be everywhere Zelensky was and was often seen advising the president. However, over the last several weeks, Bohdan hasn’t been seen in public at all. Reportedly, some of his responsibilities have been taken over by Zelensky’s close friend and personal aide, Andriy Yermak.
Photo by Kyiv Post

(c) KyivPost


  • ‘Honcharuk is heard saying that President Volodymyr Zelensky doesn’t understand much about how the economy works.’

    Well, Zenny knows how corruption works… and saving Berkut killers…

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  • Harry and his vacuous, greedy, grasping, social-climbing hard leftist wife are living in luxury off the largesse of a putler crony in Canada, yet they expect Canada and Britain to pay for their security. The slimeball oligarch Milner should provide his goons for them. Alternatively their friends Oprah and the Obamas should dip into their fat pockets for them.

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    • I think Harry is not so much in love with the royals because of his mother’s destiny. His wife is just another red Markle. 😀

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      • He was a good, well-liked, if a little naive, army guy. She came along, forced him to be as skinny as her and inducted him into her ‘woke’ bullshit politics; totally emasculating him and causing him to cut off his army mates.

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