6 Best Places to Visit in Ukraine

It’s time to explore the nearly undiscovered Ukraine! The timeless traditions, the awe-inspiring tourist attractions and the amicable locals turn it into a traveller’s paradise. You can find exciting activities and things to do in Ukraine to make your travel experience truly special! In this blog piece, we present the best places to visit in Ukraine exclusively for you.

Kiev (Kyiv)

Kiev is the capital of Ukraine offering a perfect glimpse of the nation. With parks, gardens and boulevards, greenery is abundant here. It is a renowned cultural, scientific, educational and industrial hub of Eastern Europe. The locals of Kiev are hospitable and helpful.

This will make your travel simpler! If you ask for directions, speak English slowly. The natives are not that fluent in the English Language. Those who know Russian and Ukranian certainly have an advantage.


Lviv, often regarded as the Ukrainian cultural centre, is a historically-rich city that was established by King Daniel of Galicia in 1256. Over the years, Jews, Germans, Poles and Ukrainians have resided here.

Spend time in Lviv’s Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its gorgeous narrow streets, magnificent churches and a pleasant atmosphere.

The city of Lviv will win your heart for sure.


Uman is a city situated in central Ukraine that was first mentioned in the historical records of 1616. It is used as a pilgrimage site for Breslov Hasidic Jews, a branch pf Hasidic Jews that believes in following a strong, happy bond with God. Uman’s Sofiyivsky Park is just unignorable!

It is an admirable green space founded by a wealthy Polish businessman for his beloved wife. Check out these hotspots in its premises: Flora Pavilion, Snake Fountain, Island of Anti-Circe, Elysian Fields and Valley of Giants. There are unforgettable legends linked with some of them. For instance, if you pass under the Great waterfall without getting wet, your wish will be granted.

There is a good omen connected to the Grotto of Calypso, a huge granite monolith that fulfils wishes.


One of the best places to visit in Ukraine is Kharkiv, the second biggest city in Ukraine. It was set up as a military base to protect Russia’s southern borderlands. Within a short span of time, it transformed into a seat of provincial government.

Also, it served as the capital for few years. Today, Kharkiv acts as an important communications centre.

Furthermore, the city has witnessed opening of many educational institutions relating to the fields of literature and theatre. Come here to observe the many different and appealing facets of city.


Odessa, frequently called as the ‘Pearl of the Black Sea’, is a must-visit Ukranian place for travellers! Its mild climate, warm waters and sun-soaked beaches attract everyone.

Romantics will love to walk on the picturesque lanes, appreciate the beautiful buildings and pass their free time in the tranquil squares.

The buildings show different architectural styles. Odessa is a well-planned city proudly displaying grid-like designs.


Khotyn is one of the oldest towns of Ukraine. Quite rapidly, it turned into a relevant defense and trade centre of the region. Its name first appeared in a historical text of 1001. Visit the town’s Khotyn Fortress. The creation of this fortification complex began in 1325, modifications were followed later in the 1380’s and 1460’s.

The palace is encircled by eight-meter thick walls strengthened by five commanding towers. The external surface of the walls is adorned with red brick paved ornamental geometric motifs that bear resemblance to the Podolia art. There are numerous legends associated with the Khotyn Fortress.

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  1. Great pics! I have visited all of those, with the exception of Khotyn and Kharkiv. Lviv is special because it has a palpable atmosphere of freedom. This in spite of, or perhaps because of, its tragic history. Also worth visiting its ‘golden ring’ of historical villages and Monasteries, including Zhovkva.

    • I didn’t know that was still Podil, but do agree it is an eyesore, I can’t remember what was there before, the site was hoarded for a few years. There were people going in and out regularly when we were there last October.

      Now Kontraktova is pedestrianised it is a lot nicer too, no dodging to avoid some prick racing around.

  2. Odesa is on my list also Ivano-frankivsk and Kharkiv. We know Kyiv and Lviv quite well, and have been to both 6 or 7 times.

    Seriously though anywhere is good in Ukraine.

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