Russian artillery cadets from St. Petersburg pass their ‘exams’ in occupied Donbas

Russian artillery cadets from St. Petersburg arrived in the occupied part of Luhansk oblast to shoot at the Ukrainian positions. This was stated by manager of the Return Alive charitable foundation Andriy Rymaruk in an interview to Ukrayinska Pravda.

“At the moment, we have information that the next batch of artillery cadets from St. Petersburg arrived in the “LNR”. The cadets also arrived in 2016, and shot at Avdiivka. If my memory serves me right, they fired 500 or 600 shells at Avdiivka overnight.

The situation was the same in the Mariupol direction in 2017. Our intelligence reported that cadets came from Russia and they would pass the test”, – Rymaruk said. According to the former military man, the visits of Russian artillery cadets to the occupied territory for “passing tests” have long been no secret.

(C)OSTROV 2020


  1. They could do some training in Alaska, fighting US forces. Oh, sorry Russia only attacks defenseless countries, proving they are no different to pedophiles.

  2. They have the same tests in Syria. 10 points for a hospital or school, only 1 point if they actually hit ISIS members.

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