Russia concentrating fuel and ammunition in Donbas

Russia has been providing its first and second army corps in Donbas with everything necessary for conducting combat operations.

There is a tendency, the occupying forces has tended to increase supplies of fuel and lubricants as well as material and technical resources.

From January 14 to January 22, 2020, the Russian Federation delivered about 3,000 tonnes of fuel and lubricants to ensure the daily activities of units and sub-units of the 1st and 2nd army corps of the Southern Military District. Besides 18 wagons with ammunition and supplies arrived at the railway stations of Rovenky and Borisovka).

Google map capture of railway station of Rovenky, March 2014

The Information Resistance Group’s assessment suggests that these supplies significantly exceed the day-to-day requirements, which may indicate a logistic build-up by the leadership of the occupying forces.

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  1. Thanks for the scoop Sir Scradge. Important info! I saw the Google maps were from right before the Moskali invaded and I found the train station so I added the picture. Looks like people were leaving even before the Moskali invaded. It’s a ghost town.

    • We’ve seen reports of these build-ups many times before, Redders old chap. They are mainly psy-ops. But nothing can be ruled out from the putinazi regime. Sniper activity, a deadly, evil and cowardly methodology, is being stepped up, to demoralize the defenders. Killings take place almost daily. There needs to be a far more robust response to this.
      131 people died in the November 2015 terror attacks in Paris. The world offered sympathy and support. Yet Ukraine has suffered the equivalent of more than 100 Bataclans at the hands of Russia to total indifference from the rest of the world. This has to change.

      • All the more reason to print Ukrainian news in English and tell the world what atrocities Vladolf is committing while they sit back and enjoy the heat provided by Muskovy.

        • More problems for Ukraine: putler shill Gabbard is suing Hillary for calling her a ‘Russian asset’. It might be the first time in her life that the old witch has spoken the truth. The disturbing state America is in can be seen in the comments section. Trump-lovers; almost all of them being converted to the cause of putler-worshipping by the words of Trump himself, egged on by Breitbart, Carlson, Gateway Pundit, Drudge, Savage, Jones etc, are all jumping to the defence of Gabbard, a vile piece of putlerite shit. :-

          • Trump support is spreading. Even on New Zealand news sites any story about the orange buffoon is flooded with comments in support.i’m not sure if they are trolls or the collective IQ in NZ has dropped

            • Well, we had 193 people from New Zealand visit this site last month, maybe some of them will tell you. Apparently everyone that disagrees with you has a low IQ though, so not sure if they are smart enough to answer…;)

              • The alt-right sites I listed are all fiercely pro-trump. ‘Alt-right’ is simply code for pro-putler. These sites have backed putler since at least Georgia 2008. They latched on to Trump when he first came out as a putlerite in 2014. They back any shitbag that likes putler; hence the massive support now for Gabbard.
                If you read comments in the DM, the world’s biggest English language news site, you will find that the more fanatically they support trump, the more likely they are to support putler. Thanks to trump, supporting putler is mainstream. I wrote to a highly intelligent alt-right guy who is well known in British politics to ask him why he is so concerned about izlamofascism, yet completely relaxed about putinazi fascism. He had no answer. In Europe, all the anti-muzloid politicians such as Orban and Le Pen are all putlerites. Trump has united his fans with the putlerites. This is dangerous for Ukraine, Georgia, Europe and the world in general.

            • The ‘alt-right’ sites I listed all love trump/putler equally. They have also latched on to Gabbard. Alt-right is just code for pro-putler

                • Redders old chap, consider the logic. Trump is pro-putler and disparages Ukraine. That is indisputable. The GOP is the opposite. Again indisputable. The alt-right is massive and both pro-trump and pro-putler. Again indisputable.
                  In the ‘old days’, newspaper editors took letters to their papers very seriously, since they were a very accurate reflection of the views of their readers. The modern equivalent: online comments, have the same effect. We can see from the flurry of alt-right sites where the viewers loyalties now lie and the convergence between pro-trump and pro-putler. When huge mainstream sites like the DM also reflect that same tendency, it is time to worry.
                  Trump does indeed hate Ukraine and believes Giuliani’s fatuous conspiracy theories that it was Ukraine that interfered with the election on Hillary’s side. Furthermore he has surrounded himself with putinoid scum for years. Manafort, his campaign manager, is second only to putler in responsibility for the death and misery inflicted on Ukraine.
                  I suspect that you are now part of a very niche minority group Redders: people who support Ukraine, hate putlerstan, yet support Trump.

                  • I was left with a choice between Hillary and Trump and I chose Trump. Trump is still Ukraine’s best chance to get rid of the ruSSo-filth. Trump gave the javelins that Obama refused and I doubt Hillary would have given.
                    I also supported Obama because he was Ukraine’s best chance to stop the invasion. Sometimes you have to dance with the girl you brought, bro.
                    I don’t care what the 2% say that support Putin. It’s not worth my time.

                    • Trump gave Ukraine nothing except pain. The javelins came from the GOP; Trump signed them off because he had no other choice. As putler has a massive tank inventory, a couple of hundred javelins are anyway mainly symbolic. If putler decides to use air power, Ukraine will be helpless without massive US support.
                      I am on your side redders, have no fear. It is the GOP, not Trump, that is Ukraine’s only hope. We agree that the Dems are a total waste of time. If Bernie starts to pull ahead of Biden, the krembots will get behind him, since they know that the old Woody Guthrie-singing Marxist wankstain will wreck America. Especially as they know he will slash military spending to fund his ‘wealth redistribution’.
                      Ukraine should pray for a strong GOP government led by someone like Marco Rubio or Col Allen West. That would be the game-changer. Unfortunately neither of them are as good as the late John McCain though.

                    • Now I’m really worried about you. You might remember Congress passed the ok for javelins in 2014 and 2016 but Obama wouldn’t allow it. There are hundreds of articles about it.

                    • I don’t dispute anything you say about Obama or the Dems in general! As I mentioned to you before, I dislike the Dems more than you! I merely point out the known facts that Trump is pro-Russia and anti-Ukraine.

  2. The Alt-right turned out to be leftist. The left makes noise about being anti-Putin, but that’s just an act.

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