President: If all parties want to end the war in Donbas, it will end tomorrow

After the Normandy format meeting in Paris in December last year, ceasefire in Donbas has not been achieved yet, but the war will end as soon as all parties to the conflict want it, as stated by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

“We have not yet been able to achieve complete ceasefire and still lose our citizens. But I’m not accidentally saying “yet.” I am sure that if all parties want to end the war, it will end tomorrow. Ukraine defends its land,” the President said, answering the question by WEF founder Klaus Schwab at a public session in Davos.

At the same time, the Head of State reminded that, despite the blocking of the Normandy format summit in previous years, the meeting of the leaders of the “Normandy Four” still took place. And at the end of last year, an important agreement on the release of 76 illegally detained Ukrainians was implemented.

“I am really pleased that due to our team, after three years of blocking the Normandy format meeting, this meeting was finally held in December. I am grateful to the partners – both Germany and France – for supporting this meeting,” he said.

(c) President of Ukraine


  • “I am sure that if all parties want to end the war, it will end tomorrow.”

    No Zelensky, if Russia and Putin want to end the war it will end tomorrow. Try using facts, and don’t be scared of telling the truth.

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    • What a smartass answer from Captain Obvious. That’s like saying the room will be brighter when the sun comes up. Instead, he should have represented his people and said, “When Putin finally sheds enough blood or receives enough international pressure to stop his criminal invasions.”

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      • It’s pathetic when the leader of a country at war with Russia, is too scared to mention the name of the aggressor. What kind of signal will this give to the jellyfish in Europe?

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        • You’re right. I am tired too of hearing everyone is worried about insulting or provoking the tiny man that is illegally occupying a minimum of 5 regions of other countries. Did we not learn anything after Hitler? Time repeats itself until we learn from it.

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  • Zelensky, you dorky clown. You want to be diplomatic but this was just embarrassing. Obviously, there is only one person who wants war and if he chooses not to have war there won’t be a war. Be a man for once and be brave by saying the name loud and clear of that person: PUTIN!

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