Russian-language schools to swtich to Ukrainian

Teachers from these schools will undergo extension courses in the Ukrainian language

Teachers who work in Russian-language schools will undergo the extension courses in order to switch to Ukrainian as the working language. Anna Novosad, Ukraine’s Minister of Education and Science reported that as quoted by the Interfax-Ukraine news agency.

“We’re getting ready to switch the schools that employed Russian language to Ukrainian since September (in the fifth grade). At that, Russian language and literature will still be available. Besides, there are options for optional courses and out-of-school activities. And Ukrainian will remain in the junior grades”, Novosad said.

The Minister added that teachers and school students would undergo an adaptation period; education programs might need correction, too.

“As a matter of fact, training teachers is more important to us so that they were ready to teach in Ukrainian and improve their skills. We’ll make separate extension courses for them, and a summer school, so that they could improve their Ukrainian”, Novosad concluded.

The Russian-language schools are supposed to switch to Ukrainian in September 2020.

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  1. This is how it should be. Russian is foreign language, and it should be treated as such. Any child that wants to waste time learning a foreign language, can do so in their spare time.

    • Ukraine being Ukrainian, why would anyone think it suitable to use any language other than Ukrainian?

      Using other languages is fine, but officially it should be Ukrainian n Ukraine. You want to speak any other language thats your prerogative, but don’t expect us to pay for it like we do in the UK, home to the bleeding heart, where the Natives have to bend over for the minority.

      Spain has many people who can’t speak Spanish, but offers lessons. If you can’t speak Spanish well enough YOU PAY for an interpreter, not the State.

      Ukraine is Ukrainian, don’t like it, fuck off. Simple.

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