Iran used Russian satellite navigation system during the attack on US military bases in Iraq

Israeli news outlet Debka reports, citing unnamed sources in the Russian Defense Ministry, that Iran used Russian space technology to strike U.S. military bases in neighboring Iraq.

“Russian military sources said that, during the Iranian missile attack on two U.S. air bases in Iraq, on January 8, it was Russia that provided support to Iran. Russian sources claim they had given Iranians access to the Russian global navigation network, GLONASS, which is the Russian equivalent of the American GPS system. The access to this system, according to Russian sources, allowed Iranian missiles to hit American targets with an accuracy of 10 meters, especially at the Ain Assad base in western Iraq. According to Russian sources, 19 missiles were fired from The territory of Iran, 17 of which hit the targets,” Debka reports.

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    • I think it has been widely recognised that the Iranian strike was a symbolic gesture, thankfully on this rare occasion the vatniki navigation system actually worked.

    • It is an interesting read, thanks SA. I would post it but Scradge (rightfully) would have a heart attack :)) The writer also works for Foreign Policy and the other problem is the lack of the word…Russia…in the article. On purpose i would add. How could he write so much and not even mention the Moskali which have a lot to do with the management of Iran?

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