“DNR” states it will pass “laws” regardless of Minsk agreements

The terrorist “DNR” will pass “laws” regardless of the Minsk agreements, imitating the “lawmaking” of a full-fledged state. This was said by the so-called “deputy of the People’s Council of the Republic” Yelena Shyshkina, commenting on the statement of former OSCE representative in the Contact Group at the Minsk talks Martin Sajdik, who accused the authorities of CADLO in adopting laws contrary to the Minsk agreements.

“The comment of ex-representative of the OSCE in the Contact Group at the Minsk talks Martin Sajdik regarding the conflict in the Donbass is outrageous!”, – the collaborator is indignant. In her opinion, Sajdik “distorted the whole meaning of the Minsk agreements, having identified Russia as a party to the conflict, not a mediator”.

In addition, the diplomat noted that the “DNR/LNR” authorities adopt “laws” that make it impossible or difficult to implement the package of measures. This also outraged the occupation authorities of CADO.

“Excuse me, why should we consult with Kyiv on issues of our domestic policy? Everyone knows that the Ukrainian authorities have not accomplished, in fact, anything at all”, – the representative of the militants traditionally accused Ukraine of not fulfilling the Minsk agreements.

“Until they (Ukraine – OstroV) comply with the Minsk agreements, we will act as the full-fledged “independent republics”, adopting only those “laws” that we need”, – Shyshkina stated.

(c)OSTROV 2020


  • Apparently this ruSSka hasn’t read the Minsk agreements. She should be lucky Ukraine doesn’t read them as she does, otherwise Ukraine could forcefully remove foreign troops from Ukrainian territory. Send in the Cargo 200 vans….

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  • англійський масон

    Those wannabe vatnikis are determined to be fucked when the occupation is over.

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  • Pass all the silly laws that you want to. This situation is not a permanent one. One day soon, your pathetic “republics” will be swallowed-up by inevitable political developments and become mere footnotes of history while those responsible will rot in prison or do life in a mafia land shit hole … or catch a bullet.

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  • Once the invaded territories are back home, not ethnic russians but RF-born russians will be running back home…

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