Pompeo negotiating with terrorists in Berlin

US foreign secretary Pompeo today will start negotiations with terrorists such as Libya’s Al-Sarradesh, general Haftar, Erdogan and Putin.

The goal of this shameful conference is a ceasefire in Libya.

Independent from the fact that the United States before Trump never negotiated with terrorists, including the Taliban, or praised assholes like Kim, Putin or Erdogan, Putin’s participation alone makes it a farce, since Russia does not even know what a ceasefire actually is…

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  • Agreed. Shameful indeed. And that skanky old bastard Kissinger has been disembalmed ready to confirm his earlier pronouncements that Krym should be handed over to fuehrer pootler without further discussion.

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  • America negotiated with Terrorists before when Obama signed the Iran deal to slow down their nuclear weapons. He also shamefully negotiated with the Taliban to get the Traitor Bergdal back. Just off the top of my head. I’m glad you know what the meeting is about, I didn’t hear anything.

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  • Well, Berlin is the right place for this meeting. In Germanystan’s cesspool capitol city, all filthy Muslims and organized crime figures feel safe and well. In any event, it will be a total waste of time since mafia land will never honor any agreement.

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