German Foreign Minister criticizes US pressure on Iran: Threats will not lead to anything

Change of regime will not improve the situation in Iran

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas negatively perceives the US approach to Iran, believing that the policy of threats will not bring the desired result. The head of German diplomacy expressed his opinion on the “Iranian issue” in an interview with Bild am Sonntag, published on Sunday, January 19, Deutsche welle reports.

“In any case, the threats and the aggravation of military conflicts also did not bring anything. We want to prevent a large-scale fire in the Middle East. The EU relies on diplomacy instead of escalation,” – Maas said.

He condemned Washington for unilaterally withdrawing from a nuclear deal and using maximum pressure on Tehran.

The change of regime provoked from the outside will not improve the situation in Iran, the head of German diplomacy is convinced. As an argument, he cited the example of Iraq, where the implementation of such plans went awry.

The German Foreign Minister is convinced of the need to maintain a dialogue with Tehran, which, among other things, must be required to respect human rights in relation to its own citizens.

Recall that relations between the United States and Iran began to deteriorate a year ago, after the United States withdrew from the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan (JCPOA), known as the “nuclear deal.” The United States returned sanctions against Iran, including those relating to the export of Iranian oil. Tehran, in turn, ceased compliance with part of the obligations under the JCPOA.

After the assassination of Iranian General Kassem Suleimani on January 3, 2020, the situation in the Middle East became more tense: US and Iranian policies towards each other turned into a format of threats. In addition, in January of this year, US military bases were repeatedly subjected to rocket attacks, to which Iran is believed to be involved.

As we reported, The US does not plan to withdraw its military contingent from Iraq, US Assistant Secretary of Defense Jonathan Hoffman stated this.

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  1. The EU relies on diplomacy instead of escalation,” – Maas said.

    This article shows everything that is wrong with the EU. Appeasing Muscovy got what, oh yes a pipeline to blackmail Europe with, instead of crippling sanctions that would destroy Putin’s mafia gang.

  2. There is a real possibility that the recent developments in Iran may bring about regime change.
    I can see Germany not wanting this to happen because the price of oil would drop below $ 40 a barrel and bring the Russia to its knees.

    • Agreed. As I have observed many times, it has become increasingly apparent that, far from the east reuniting with the west, West Germany in fact united with RuSSian-owned East Germany to become one (albeit covert) RuSSian satellite. There has not even been one anti-RuSSian leader in Germany since the war; in fact they become ever more obedient, taking the putrid examples of Schroeder and Stasi Merkel.

  3. “The EU relies on diplomacy instead of escalation,”
    This sniveling little worm fails to see what this sissified diplomacy has brought regarding mafia land’s aggression towards Ukraine and the murders in European countries by the Ruskies. The mafioso only laugh their asses off in face of such spineless saliva lickers like Maas … and Steinmeier and Macron and et al. The same “results” will happen with this filthy muslim trash country.

    • Yeah, no retribution for the assassination of Russians on German soil, sweep it under the carpet. Dialogue is much better.

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