Far-right fails to disrupt Kyiv commemoration of victims of Russian neo-Nazis

About two dozen people attended Kyiv action in memory of native of Sevastopol, journalist Anastasia Baburova and human rights lawyer Stanislav Markelov, gunned down by Russian far-right thugs in 200912:28, 19 January 2020000112 Agency

January 19, about two dozen people attended Kyiv action in memory of native of Sevastopol, journalist Anastasia Baburova and human rights lawyer Stanislav Markelov, gunned down by Russian far-right thugs in 2009. 112.International journalist reports it from the scene.

The commemoration of eleventh anniversary of the murder also has acquired meaning of protests against xenophobia, far-right terror, and lawlessness. The protesters came with the slogans: “Solidarity instead of violence,” “To remember means to fight on,” “Stop the far-right terror,” “Good bye, terror,” “Stop feeding the far-right!”Related: German Foreign Minister criticizes US pressure on Iran: Threats will not lead to anything

Few dozens far-right provocateurs showed up to disrupt the commemoration rally, however the law enforcers managed to stop them. The far-right were shouting “Sieg heil!” and giving Nazi salut. Ten provocateurs were detained.

In Ukraine, the representatives of right-wing radical groups are also accused of committing high-profile crimes, including the murders of journalists Pavlo Sheremet and Oles Buzyna, former MP of Russian State Duma Denys Voronenkov, anti-corruption activist Kateryna Handziuk, murder of 23-year-old Roma David Pap in Lviv and paratrooper Ivan Kuznetsov, the attempted murder of deputy of Kyiv regional council Vyacheslav Sobolev, during which his three-year old son died.

The rally was attended by Ukrainian journalists from independent publications and human rights activists. Some of them have received anonymous threats for their political positions right after the rally.

Baburova was a journalist for Novaya Gazeta, Russian media outlet, and a student of journalism at Moscow State University. She was born in Sevastopol, Crimea, which is currently occupied by Russia. She was active in human rights defense and anarchist environmentalist movement.

At first it was reported that Baburova had been wounded in an attempt to detain Markelov’s killer, but later Russian law enforcement authorities declared that Baburova was shot in the back of her head. Then President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko sent her parents a condolence telegram on 23 January 2009.

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  1. During WW2, Britain interred hitler sympathisers for the duration. America locked up mainly Japs I believe. The time is long overdue for Ukraine to do the same, including the putler party; ‘opposition platform for life’, or whatever their fucking name is. As soon as putler allows a party that serves the cause of Ukraine to 15% of the population, then they can recommence.

    • I believe there is legal standing behind your desires too. It is not legal to have fascist symbols in Ukraine and we know the Putinazis cannot live without them. That filth should not be tolerated in free Ukraine. Whether they are Ukrainian or Moskali, they are working for the Moskali.

  2. This apparently related to Azov battalion. From my understanding they’re far left and decided to turn an event that has nothing to do with the Ukrainian right into one where they protest and call for disbanding groups like the Azov battalion. I’m kinda skeptical if we’re getting the whole truth.

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    • Thank you for the post and link. Nice article. I don’t know how Nationalism got a bad name and the Left in America is trying to make it a bad word too. The Olympics would be very boring if we were all on the same team, plus a One-world government would be the end of all freedom-loving persons.

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