Donbas war veteran stabbed to death in Kyiv

An investigation into the murder is under way. Photo from

Photo from

A 32-year-old Donbas war veteran was stabbed to death in Kyiv’s Obolon district in the early hours of January 19, 2020. “A man came to a cafe at 28a Mykola Yunkerova Street in the early hours of January 19 and asked for help. His clothes were bloodstained.

The cafe staff called an ambulance, but unfortunately, the victim died before its arrival. Everything happened at around 03:00,” the reported. Read also Another sinkhole appears after pipe burst outside Kyiv’s shopping mall – media (Photo, video)

As the portal learnt from sources in law enforcement agencies, the man approached the cafe’s entrance and fell. He asked for help and said he had been attacked. However, he did not give any details. Investigators who worked at the site examined the man’s body.

He had been stabbed in the neck with his carotid artery severed. A knife was found next to the body.

The man’s identity was established, he had a war veteran ID card on him. An investigation into the murder is under way. The portal reported he was a resident of Odesa.

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  1. Most likely this was an attack by Putler’s GRU as we’ve seen time and time again. It is high time to require visas from “visiting” and “vacationing” Moskali. Why would we let the enemy into the country so they can continue their criminality? This is a time of war, if we can’t kick them out at least we should limit their stays and know exactly who is here.

    • Bastards! People from Odesa are most hated by the invaders, in particular those who actively fought the invaders. They cannot stand that the majority of the people in Odesa don’t feel much love for Neverussia.

  2. That is horrible. Only to be expected from degenerates. It is time for them to receive a very large dose of their own medicine.
    A reminder also of the sad and disturbing fact that both young and middle aged Ukrainian men and sometimes also boys, women and girls are dying at the rate of virtually one a day, on the orders of the kremlin shitweasel.

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