Russia accuses Polish WW2 resistance of exterminating Warsaw Jews, Ukrainians

The Russian Defence Ministry on Friday accused Poland’s World War Two Home Army (AK) resistance of exterminating Jews and Ukrainians in Warsaw prior to the city’s 1945 liberation by the Red Army.

Citing recently declassified documentation related to the Soviets’ entry into Warsaw on January 17, 1945, the Russian ministry said the documents “show that units of the Home Army exterminated Jews and Ukrainians in the city.” The ministry also stressed that the mentioned documentation served “the protection of historical truth.”

The disclosure of the documents coincided with Russia’s celebrations of the Red Army’s liberation of Warsaw. The accusations follow recent Polish claims that Poland’s liberation from the Germans by the Red Army brought the country fresh enslavement.

In an interview for PAP, Deputy Foreign Minister Paweł Jabłoński called the Russian charges “provocative,” and part of the Kremlin’s ongoing campaign to blame Poland for World War Two. In December, Russian leader Vladimir Putin accused Poland of collaboration with the Third Reich and complicity in the outbreak of the war.

Commenting on the Russian accusations on Facebook, Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki called them “Orwellian” and said it was the Soviets who were allied with Nazi Germany at the outbreak of the war and invaded Poland from the east shortly after the Germans entered the country from the west.

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  • “show that units of the Home Army exterminated Jews and Ukrainians in the city.”

    Russia concerned about the welfare Jews and Ukrainians, that must be a first. If Muscovy want to talk about historical truth, why do they never mention Vlasov’s army?

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  • How many ukrainians under two jewish presidents were killed by russian forces in Ukraine since 2014? Don’t talk about toilet bowls if you only own an outhouse shithole!

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    • How many Russian speakeres have been killed by Russians since 2014?

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      • The Moskali are flailing since they’ve lost the narrative against the usual targets; Ukraine, Poland and the US. With all the news against them like MH17, helping Iran, the Ukrainian airliner, more sanctions, Putler changing the constitution, Nord Stream 2, Minsk non-compliance, and more. They need to distract and change the narrative and speak about WWII.

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        • Yes, but only after 1941, and never a mention about why they occupied half of Europe for 45 years, turning these countries into shitholes, while the rest of Europe prospered.

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