U.S. at OSCE: Elections in ORDLO should be held after withdrawal of Russian forces

Elections in the temporarily occupied territories of Donbas should be held under Ukrainian control and in a secure environment, with Russia-led forces withdrawn from Ukraine’s territory.

U.S. Ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) James S. Gilmore said this during a meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council in Vienna on Thursday, January 16, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

“The United States calls for the reinstatement of Ukrainian control of its international border with Russia. Free and fair elections should take place under Ukrainian control and in a secure environment, with Russia-led forces and illegal armed formations withdrawn from Ukraine’s territory,” he said.

The American diplomat noted that the OSCE observers documented an unrestricted flow of train cars, trucks, and military vehicles every day crossing from Russia into Russia-controlled territory in eastern Ukraine. “This unchecked flow of personnel and matériel is a direct challenge to efforts to prepare for free and fair local elections in Donbas,” he said.

The ambassador called on Russia to abide by the Helsinki Final Act principles and the Minsk agreements and to reciprocate the good faith displayed by President Zelensky’s administration.

“To end this conflict in 2020, both sides must be fully committed to the implementation of a lasting and permanent ceasefire, which is predicated upon the withdrawal of Russian forces and matériel from sovereign Ukrainian territory,” the U.S. ambassador said.

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  1. Problem is, if secret deals in the russian embassy in Oman – under the exclusion of the media, Rada, and people – are made, it will be difficult to implement anything that is already void.

  2. How many times have we seen statements like this? I don’t even know who they are talking to because everyone (including themselves) knows the Moskali are not interested in a ceasefire nor elections. Their job is to kill but stay out of the news, and continue this frozen conflict so Ukraine buckles under pressure and doesn’t join the EU or NATO.

      • We sent a package to the Baltics and the person receiving it isn’t an EU citizen she had to go through a broker to give copies of our receipt that we sent it, pay them of course, then take everything to Customs, pay them, then wait more until they could give it to post for delivery. It practically doubled the time. Non-shengen is a pain.

        • Schengen is not the EU. Norway is in Schengen, but not the EU. I personally don’t like Schengen, it only helps cross-border crime, money laundering, human trafficking and muslim trash to cross borders without any limits. But that is my opinion. You live in a safe place, i live in the middle of a final stage world, same as the poor canucks.

          • I remember when we traveled through Europe to Italy by car in 1974, we had to stop at every border in endless queues to show our passports. I don’t believe many will go back to that.

            You live in one of the safest places on earth 🙂

                • It would help if criminal immigrants would be deported for committing violent crimes, but Sweden’s government is for the ass. 😣

                  In Denmark even the left is stricter than the right wingers in Sweden. 😇

            • No UK figure?
              It would be most useful to see the figures for rapes and murders by immigrants, but of course no one will publish it.

            • There is a price for freedom. Firearms stop way more crimes than are committed by them. Besides, if Trump gets out of hand he will face 200 million armed citizens. NO other country on earth is protected FROM their government as well as the USA.

              • The right to bear arms is understandable. But it should be restricted to current/ex serving members of the police/armed forces, members of professions, senior/managerial people, women menaced by stalkers, small business owners etc.

                  • Mass killings are usually committed by people from outside the parameters I suggested. Therefore it would save innocent lives. Too many disturbed freaks, muzloids, sociopaths, students and miscellaneous terrorists have access to firearms in your land.

                    • Unfortunately we will never put that genie back in the bottle. Firearm restrictions would only take the guns away from the people who actually abide by the law. The criminal element will always be able to access them. Then there is the people in rural areas who need them as valuable tools . I had a 400 pound black bear in my backyard last December and the only way that they will take my gun is to pry it from my cold dead hand.

                    • I also own a gun. A 9mm American Eagle. If one has two pretty looking russian speaking gurlz with him, there’s always some trouble in the air. I never had to use it, since i prefer fist fights and teeth on the floor, but i once scared a rabid fox away with two warning shots when we went camping.

                    • You remind me of something that happened to me in Bulgaria some years ago. My wife and I had befriended a Bulgarian business man while we were in Varna on business. He offered to take us to his favourite restaurant. To my amazement he strapped on a shoulder holster and concealed an automatic underneath his jacket. I said ‘what the fuck do you need that for in a restaurant?’ He said ‘don’t worry, the police have given me a concealed carry permit.’ His son, a tough looking little bastard, then arrived, also fully tooled up.
                      The restaurant was fantastic and had a full Gypsy band performing. It was of course a mafia hangout and he had recently crossed some of the top gangsters. It’s funny how mafia always eat so damn well isn’t it?!
                      Afterwards we went to his home, which was more like a fucking arsenal!

                    • If it was possible , I would support the ban of handguns .
                      They are only useful for target practice and killing people .

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