Trump will discuss with Putin a hacker attack on Burisma

US President Donald Trump plans to discuss cyber attacks on Burisma’s website with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

It is reported by Reuters .

“US President Donald Trump may discuss information about the hacking of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma the next time he talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin,” said White House adviser Kellian Conway.

Recall that the Department of Cyber ​​Police of the National Police of Ukraine opened a criminal investigation into hacker attacks on the website of the company Burisma Holdins .

According to The New York Times, Russian hackers attacked the servers of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma , likely to find incriminating evidence against US President Donald Trump’s political rival Joe Biden.

Hackers associated with the Russian Federation also tried to hack the website of Studio Quarter 95 . According to specialists from Area1, the hackers’ goal was probably electronic correspondence with the former head of the studio, Ivan Bakanov, and now the head of the SBU.

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  1. “Hi Vlad, it’s Donny. Did you hack into Burisma?” “Of course not Donny, it’s a provocation.” “OK Vlad I believe you. BTW did you find out anything interesting about Biden?”

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