US could provide $1 billion aid to Ukraine

The United States could allocate to Ukraine more than $1 billion of assistance, said Ukrainian Ambassador to the US Volodymyr Yelchenko at a press conference, as cited by RBC Ukraine.

According to him, $250 million has already been allocated, and another $50 million will be allocated if certain conditions are met in the implementation of the first part, and another $50 million remains from previous years.

“Overall, in 2020 the allocation is envisaged of $250 million from the Pentagon and another nearly $450 million through the US Department of State – economic assistance. In total, we calculate that the total assistance from the US is $698 million and the purely military assistance is $365,” said Yelchenko.

He also added that the total for this year could thus be over $1 billion.

In December, US President Donald Trump signed the state defense budget for 2020, which includes $300 million in military assistance for Ukraine.

(C)UAWIRE 2020


  • Great! Ukraine will rise, Moscow will fall.

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    • $300 million in military assistance? Not blankets? Not loans? Not withheld? Trump really hates Ukraine…;))

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      • His own words, permanently on the record, prove that he does indeed hate Ukraine Redders. It is the GOP that is helping, not Gospodin Trumpkov. He has never withdrawn those horrible words, nor has he discontinued his close friendships with a shitload of putlerite vermin.

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        • He also said this in the conversation with Zelensky that he got impeached for. Bet you didn’t even know it, but how could you since the media usually just parrot the bad stuff.
          “Your economy is going to get better and better I predict. You have a lot of assets. It’s a great country. I have many Ukrainian friends, they’re incredible people. “

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          • As you know I am opposed to the impeachment, which will ensure a thumping victory for him in the election and consolidate his known hatred for Ukraine. He is on record multiple times with anti-Ukraine hatred and support for the theft of Krym. The stuff he said to Zel was just flannel; the only Ukrainian friends he has are putlerite ones. He was also very close to Manafort, who did more damage to Ukraine than anyone except putler himself. Probably still is. Just look at the very, very long list of putlerites that either worked for him or cultivated friendships with him. One might just about be acceptable; a whole shitload not so much.

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  • Of course that is good. However, consider that Israel, rightly in my view, receives $3.1 bn. Israel has a population of 8.5m; approximately 20% of the size of Ukraine’s population. On that basis Ukraine should receive c.$15bn. Israel is also menaced by savages, but their neighbours are much less dangerous than Ukraine’s.
    Also consider that shithole countries that hate America nevertheless receive shitloads of money: Egypt: $1.4 bn, Jordan $1 bn, Afghanistan $780m, Kenya $640m, Tanzania $535m, Uganda $436m, Zambia $428m, Nigeria $419m. Iraq $347m.

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  • Could provide 1 billion ?
    My question….. will this aid have to be attached to another NDAA defense bill so that Trump has no choice but to sign it ?

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  • Ukraine is in 19th place for US foreign aid. One billion dollars would put it in 8th place. But, seeing some of the other countries that receive so much of our money, it’s still not so very much.

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  • I am pretty sure that I won’t forget that fact . I am sure that you won’t let me forget it . Lol.

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    • Touche’, I’m guilty. Sometimes I try to hard to be fair and provide context. I don’t know if you were around here in 2014 but the roles were reversed. Everyone was slamming Obama and being American, he was the only hope we had to get rid of the ruSSo-slime so it was hard to be fair. Now, if Bernie becomes president, after honeymooning in Soviet Moscow, I doubt I could be fair ;))

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      • I wouldn’t say ” guilty ” . Different opinions and intelligent debate of these opinions is healthy .
        The problem is definitely with the media . I don’t know of any news outlets which report clear unbiased information which I believe is the cornerstone of Journalism. They simply pour fuel on a toxic fire that threatens to consume us.

        Exactly what Putin wants.

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