Pompeo phoned Zelensky to find out what he was doing in Oman – Yeliseyev


US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo telephoned President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky to find out what he is doing in Oman.

The diplomat, adviser to the fifth president of Ukraine Konstantin Yeliseyev has declared it on the air of the TV channel ‘Direct’, Censor informs.

He said that there were only two people in the so-called ‘delegation’, which arrived on an official visit to the Sultanate of Oman – Zelensky himself and his adviser Ermak. This raised questions not only for the American diplomat but also for Ukrainian society.

‘There are two people in the delegation – the president and his assistant. Even the delegation did not have an ambassador. Whenever the president leaves, he is accompanied by an ambassador at any meeting. So, there was no ambassador. So, in my opinion, they were But the people of Ukraine must know for what means he flew, who guarded him, for what means the charter was rented, on which he returned, with whom he met,’ Yeliseyev said.

Konstantin Yeliseyev reported that US partners were puzzled by Zelensky’s visit to Oman, given the aggravation of the security situation in the region and the severe illness of Sultan Oman, who died recently.

‘To be honest, even my American colleagues were a little puzzled by this visit. One of the motivations behind Secretary of State Pompeo’s call to Oman while he was in Oman was to find out just what he was doing there. Because at this time, the Middle East, escalation of tensions in Iran, Iraq, Syria. Near Oman. And here unexpectedly, the president of the warring country, on Christmas holidays, allegedly goes on a ‘visit’ to the so-called while the main person is ill. So he asked what he was doing there. Because US intelligence was even confused, and so went dty – ‘Ukraine in Oman.’ It misled not only our citizens, but even our international partners, ‘– said dyplomat.Dzherelo:

We will remind, in Oman the president Vladimir Zelensky together with his family flew on January 5. According to the OP, the visit is official, but the president used the services of the flight plane, spending his own money.

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  1. It has been difficult to find much on this subject that I’ve been trying to follow for a few days. This is one account I translated.
    This foreign trip raises SO many questions…

    • Oman is pleasantly warm this time of year? He took the wife I understand?
      They have oil and gas there: could have been under discussion. I don’t believe he was meeting putler or any other putlerite scum. I could be wrong!

  2. Time a court declares the changed law on impeachment illegal and an impeachment will be ordered by the highest court for suspected high treason.

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