In Russia, a former VTRC operator was beaten to talk about censorship and corruption in the company

In Moscow, on January 11, two unidentified assailants attacked former VTRC (All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company) operator Leonid Krivenko, who gave a number of interviews to foreign journalists about political censorship and corruption in the company.

About it writes the Russian service “Radio Liberty”.

Leonid Kryvenko said that he was attacked from behind, knocked to the ground and started kicking. According to him, the attackers shouted: ” Pindosovskaya Nest, we will teach you to love your Motherland “, “The fifth column, we will kill you .” In addition, Mr Krivenko added that one of the assailants told him before he fled: ” This is your last warning .”

The next day, the former telly operator VTRK contacted a trauma center. ” There they took me an x-ray and recorded a strong chest cavity and closed fracture of the nose ,” he said.

Trauma doctors assured him that they would contact the police themselves and provide information about the attack. However, the police did not contact him, so he had to go to the Interior Ministry on January 13.

“ I was questioned and issued a coupon for registering a statement of assault on me. The last two days I have been feeling very bad: a terrible weakness, a fever, my head becomes dizzy, it seems that in addition to everything else, I have a concussion, ”Mr Kryvenko added.

Leonid Kryvenko is 61 years old. He worked as a television cameraman for ten years in a live studio, filmed broadcasts with the participation of well-known politicians and was well acquainted with the internal procedures of the RTGS.

In January 2019, in an interview with Radio Liberty, Leonid Kryvenko told about known cases of fraud and censorship. He also interviewed foreign journalists working in Moscow and participated in the opposition Free Russia Forum.

We will remind, the militiaman hit on the face journalist of the Russian edition of Baza Anna Nikitina during a search in the apartment of Svetlana Maniurova, mother of Evgeny Maniurov, who, according to preliminary data, opened shooting near the FSB building in Moscow. On December 19, 2019, a shooting occurred near the FSB building, killing one and injuring five. The shooter himself was killed. Criminal case was initiated under Art. 317 of the Criminal Code (encroachment on the lives of law enforcement).  

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  1. Pindosovskaya Nest, we will teach you to love your Motherland “, “The fifth column, we will kill you .”

    What a wonderful country to live in. Love your motherland or we will kill you. It’s about time Russians realised who the real enemy is in Russia. Stop watching TV and start thinking for yourselves.

    • Yeah, a journo with a Ukrainian sounding name in Russia. At least they didn’t kill him. After beating him up they probably went home to jerk off on a picture of Putin.

  2. It’s disgusting how the Ruskie creeps treat people who speak the truth, although we all know how allergic they are to any facts.
    Anyhow, he didn’t say anything that anyone with an IQ of 80 and up didn’t already know.

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