Ksenia Puntus, Russian Vogue model, fighting for her life after falling naked from window

A Russian Vogue model is fighting for her life after she plummeted naked out of a third-floor window from her boyfriend’s Moscow pad, according to a report.

Ksenia Puntus, 21, suffered head and chest injuries so severe that she hasn’t been able to help police investigating the fall Saturday from her boyfriend Andrei Bakov’s apartment, The Sun reported.

The stunner — who has appeared in Russian Vogue and Tatler magazines — was discovered blood-soaked and “groaning” around 4 a.m. outside the building by a street cleaner, the outlet reported.

In addition to the head and chest injuries, the model also suffered broken ribs, legs and pelvis, according to the newspaper.

She was brought to a local hospital, where she has undergone two operations and remains in intensive care, the outlet said.

“She is conscious but she can hardly tell anything … because of her head injuries,” said her agent Liliya Chepigina, according to the report.

Police have launched a criminal probe into the plunge, the outlet reported.

It’s unclear whether police believe Puntus was pushed or fell out of the window. No suspects, however, have been identified in the case.

Puntus’ boyfriend, 20-year-old Bakov, is the grandson of celebrated film director Nikita Mikhailov, who is a staunch supporter of Vladimir Putin, The Sun reported.

Friend Alesya Kafelnikova posted online that the model attended a party before the terrifying episode.

“Ksenia was not taking drugs, which means we and her family know that something wrong happened,” Kafelnikova said, according to The Sun.

“But people who were at the party with her deny everything and insist they took her back home to her boyfriend.”

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  1. I think just about anyone here could tell what happened….Russian culture. Only a Moskali could push a naked model out of a 3rd story window and leave her to die. And nothing will happen to the boyfriend because his grandfather loves the fascist dwarf that blackmailed his way into office.
    I hope she can overcome her injuries and find better friends in the future.

  2. We may assume she did not manage to stab herself in the back while falling out of the window.

    Maybe she was drunk and made some negative remarks about Putin in front of her fucker before her ‘accident’…

  3. I think it was an accident, she was laughing so much when her boyfriend dropped his pants, she lost control of her body and fell out of the window.

  4. Strange this, i mean, she is russian after all.
    It seems as if some people here are into double standards, funny.

  5. Oh, i see.
    It seems though as if there are quite some persons who are unable to see this distinction.

    Anyway, it’s confirmed this woman isn’t a so called Moskali then?

    • It is invaded and it’s getting worse.
      An invasion and destruction of a nation is possible without armed forces.

      Now, is this woman an oponent to Putin? Yes or No.

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