Sad to report that UATV English has closed.

This is their final broadcast:-


  1. It seems UATV has been sacrificed for a Russian speaking channel in the Russian controlled part of Ukraine. The UATV website is still up and running in English, at least for now.

  2. This is a statement from UATV on KyivPost.

    “The Ukrainian government has decided to shut down international broadcasting, and to close the Arabic, Crimean Tatar, and English language departments. Over the past three years, the English news service team here at UATV had a common aim of delivering real and truthful news about Ukraine. We would be happy to say “to be continued,” but instead we bring you the final story this hour,” UATV announced.

    Seems like Zelensky is doing his best to cut off Ukraine’s communication to the English speaking countries. More orders from Putin?

    • I find it both sad and disturbing. Sad because they put out firstly a good live stream, but when that couldn’t gain traction, changed it to a YouTube and FB channel. The youthful presenters did a brilliant job, but again it could not build up a big enough following to be commercially viable. The output was straightforward news reporting with no OpEds.
      Disturbing because putlerstan’s massive output of toxic sludge found a huge audience with arseholes, misfits, sociopaths and putinoid wankers all over the world.
      It really makes you despair at human nature that so many people buy into putinazi bullshit and so few can find it in themselves to pity the victims of pure, concentrated evil.

      • It’s all down to money, and the will of the appeasers. RT alone gets funding of 250 million to spread their BS around the world. East stratcom receives a paltry 1 million to fight propaganda thanks to the Putlerite Mogherini.

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