PS752 tragedy: Iran agrees to decipher black boxes with Ukraine, Canada, Russia and France

Any statements made prior to the official decision after the investigation may be considered manipulation, Iranian flight authority says

Iran urges other countries to stay away from any comments about Boeing 737 and its downing; Tehran is ready to decrypt the recovered black boxes from the aircraft. Bloomberg added that the Iranian authorities are ready to do so in cooperation with Ukraine, Canada, Russia and France.

“If they are certain and have the courage, they should share any finding that has scientific and technical backing,” Ali Abedzadeh, the Head of Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization said.

He also repeated that Iran never downed the Ukrainian aircraft, and any statements made prior to the official decision after the investigation may be considered manipulation.

Prime Ministers of Canada, Australia and the UK, however, claimed that their reconnaissance data prove otherwise.

The deciphering of flight recorders is to take place at Tehran’s Mehrabad international airport on January 10.

As is known, Boeing 737 of Ukraine’s International Airlines, flight PS752 with 179 passengers aboard crashed in Tehran, not far from Imam Khomeini airport on January 8. No one of those 177 aboard, including 11 Ukrainians survived the tragedy. The aircraft was on its way from Tehran to Kyiv. The crash took place soon after the takeoff. Iranian media reported that, quoting the airport administration. The officials said that the reason for the crash was a “technical malfunction” of the plane’s engine. The Ukrainian air company that owned the aircraft denied that there was such a malfunction; a pilot’s mistake was ruled out, too.

Later that day, the Iranian government refused to send the flight recorders to Ukraine, which means Kyiv will not be able to conduct its own investigation of the tragedy. Iran denied that any claims of the plane being shot down by a missile made no sense. However, top Western officials, including Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau and Boris Johnson either expressed doubts that there was an engine malfunction or even directly claimed that the aircraft was downed. 

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  1. So Iran wants another terrorist country involved, hardly surprising. Now the waters will be muddied beyond recognition. France will side with Russia, Zelensky will do what he is told. That leaves Canada and Trudeau against the rest.

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