Zelensky invites Sweden to join investigation into UIA plane crash

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky in a phone conversation with Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Sweden, Stefan Löfven, expressed condolences to the families of the Swedish citizens killed in the UIA plane crash in Iran and invited Sweden to join the investigation, according to the president’s press service.

“We are taking every effort to find out the causes of the plane crash and are ready to closely cooperate with Sweden. Our task is to find out the truth. This is the main thing,” Zelensky said, inviting Sweden to join the investigation.

He noted that Ukraine is ready to participate as much as possible in the investigation in line with the international law, in particular, the Chicago Convention on Civil Aviation.

The president reminded that the day before a group of Ukrainian experts arrived in Iran to assist in the investigation.

He also expressed condolences and words of support for the relatives and friends of the Swedish citizens killed in the plane crash in Iran.

“Ukraine is stunned by the tragedy. Thank you for your solidarity and empathy,” Zelensky said.

In turn, Stefan Löfven expressed condolences from the people of Sweden and said that official Stockholm was ready to assist in ensuring a transparent investigation.

Zelensky also stressed that Ukraine was in constant contact with a group of experts in Tehran and would inform its partners of the progress of the investigation.

During the talk, it was noted the importance of the phone call between the foreign ministers of Ukraine and Sweden the day before, who discussed cooperation in the investigation into the plane crash.

As reported, January 9 was declared the day of mourning in Ukraine due to the crash of an UIA plane in Iran.

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