Iran reveals how Ukrainian airliner with 176 passengers crashed, apportion blames

The Iranian Civil Aviation Organisation, has revealed how the Ukrainian air plane with 176 passengers on board crashed.

It said the crew refused to call for help during the crisis.

Investigations are ongoing to unveil the reason behind the tragic incident and the Aviation Organisation has claimed that witnesses, including the crew of another passing flight saw the plane engulfed in flames before crashing, according Al Jazeera.

The airliner that crashed outside of Tehran, the Iranian capital, was on fire and trying to turn back, but its crew never made a radio call for help, according to Iranian investigators.

The Boeing 737-800, flying to Kyiv and carrying mostly Iranians and Iranian-Canadians, crashed shortly after taking off on Wednesday from Tehran’s Imam Khomeini airport, killing all 176 on board

The Ukrainian international airliner plunged to the ground shortly after Iran attacked US bases in retaliation for the killing of its army Chief, Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani.

“The plane, which was initially headed west to leave the airport zone, turned right following a problem and was headed back to the airport at the moment of the crash.

“The plane disappeared from radar screens the moment it reached 8,000 feet [2,400 metres]. The pilot sent no radio message about the unusual circumstances,” the Iranian Civil Aviation Organisation said on its website.

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  1. “It said the crew refused to call for help during the crisis.”

    Here we go, it didn’t take long for them to blame the Ukrainians. No doubt they have the Russian manual on how to deflect blame. I wonder how the Iranian authorities would have helped with a plane they blew out of the sky?

    • I don’t believe they didn’t make some kind of radio call unless there was some problem that knocked it out. Which is extremely unlikely.

      The ragheads don’t want to admit the vatnikis asked or told them to shoot it down.

      • With a missile hit there may not have been the possibility to radio for assistance. Probably not much could have been done at that point. The idiots are just doing the moskali deny and blame deflection tactic.

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