Chance of crew error in Boeing 737 crash minimal – UIA technical director

Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) does not think a crew error is among the the possible reasons for the crash of the Boeing 737-800 in Tehran.

“We have data that the plane gained 2400 m altitude. The chance the crew made an error is minimal. We simply don’t presume it. Given their experience, it’s very difficult to say that there could be anything wrong with the crew,” said UIA Vice President for Flight Operations Ihor Sosnovsky on Wednesday.

According to him, Volodymyr Yaponenko (command pilot), Oleksiy Naumkin (instructor), Serhiy Khomenko (co-pilot) handled the airplane. Six flight attendants worked during the flight. Before departure, the crew had a rest in a hotel.

“We decided to cancel flights to Iran for a certain period. The airline carries out all the international procedures provided,” said UIA President Evhen Dykhne, in turn.

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  1. When you see the photos of the wreckage you can clearly see fragmentation holes all over the body, wings and tail indicating an explosion and or gunfire. Kinda reminds me of MH17 photos.

    Iran shot it down, accidentally, no doubt.

  2. Latest reports say the plane first had an engine fire and then was shot at when trying to make an emergency landing.

    We will have to wait for what the orange guy has to say. So far his fat ass remains silent…

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