Ukraine: Placing ‘Osa’ air defense system on demarcation line does not violate Minsk agreements

18:04, 7 January 2020

Ukrainian side does not divert anti-aircraft missile systems 9KZZ ‘Osa’

The Ukrainian side on the demarcation line does not divert anti-aircraft missile systems 9KZZ Osa. The OSCE claims that this is a violation of the Minsk agreements, but it is denied at the Joint Forces Operation staff.

“The Ukrainian side of the joint center for monitoring and coordinating ceasefire and stabilizing the demarcation line of the parties, informs that the deployment of the specified military equipment does not fall under the Minsk agreements on the withdrawal of weapons,” – the statement said.

The Staff asserts that according to the Minsk agreements, tanks, artillery, MLRS and tactical missiles are to be withdrawn.

As we reported, Today, in Donbas, near the village of Zolote-4, as a result of a collision with an unknown explosive device (probably an anti-tank mine TM-62), a GAZ-66 truck was blown up by one of the Joint Forces units that carried out logistics support measures.

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