In Odesa hostel grenade exploded

In one of the dormitories in Odesa, during a domestic conflict, a grenade exploded, resulting in three people being injured. The press service of the Odesa region police reports.

“Odesa police establish the circumstances of the explosion in one of the dormitories in the Malinovsky district. Three people were injured as a result of the accident. They were all taken to the hospital with numerous shrapnel wounds. Now the investigation and operational group of the Malinovsky police department, bomb technicians and dog handlers with dogs are working at the scene,” – the message says

It was established that three residents of the hostel drank alcohol in the common kitchen. Subsequently, another neighbor joined the men, with whom everyday misunderstandings arose from time to time.

“During a drunken feast between the men, a conflict arose again and the uninvited guest left the company, but not for long. A few minutes later, the 38-year-old man returned with a grenade in his hands. Throwing explosives into the kitchen, the attacker closed the door behind him and ran away. Now law enforcement officers are taking measures to establish the location and detention of the suspect. The issue of qualification of this event is also being decided,” – the report said.

As we reported before, according to main version, the fire in the Odesa College of Economics, Law and the hotel and restaurant business occurred due to the ignition of electrical equipment.

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  1. Doesn’t look like one of the classiest joints in town. Going to be a big problem for years in Ukraine with all these explosives so easily obtained.

    • Odesa is full of Russian sympathisers, the place is run by pro Russian trash who should be in prison.

      • Not sure. Why does nobody mention the tatar-mafia of Akhmetov? These rats are playing a dirty game. Anyway, Beresovsky already said that democracy is the rule of money…

        • I should think that the overwhelming majority of Tatars hate him, since he is a filthy, stinking putlerite and a close friend of the one man who has caused more death and misery to Ukraine than almost anyone except putler himself: Paul Manafort.

    • Moskali keep trying to ruSSify Odesa. I still think all foreigners in Ukraine should have to get visas because there are a lot of ruSSkis in Ukraine on “Permanent Resident” status and a lot of them are ruSSki mir zombies.

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