Church can act as mediator in the conflict in Eastern Ukraine – Advisor to National Security and Defense Council Secretary

16:07, 7 January 2020

Serhiy Syvokho is confident that “peace comes when those who have previously fanned the war are silent”

Advisor to the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, Serhiy Syvokho believes that the Church can act as a mediator in the conflict in eastern Ukraine. He stated this on the “Christmas. People instead of war. Children of Donbas” TV marathon, broadcasted by 112 Ukraine TV channel.

“All people want peace. The church, naturally, as a (social) institution, which is present on all sides of the conflict, has its own voice and has always been an assistant and was distinguished by charity, peacekeeping … For example, the Svyatogorsky Monastery took thousands refugees … the Church can act as a mediator (in conflict). What the Church voices is good: all its messages are peaceful…”, Syvokho said.

Also, an adviser to the NSDC secretary noted that “peace comes when those who have previously fanned the war are silent.” Syvokho is sure that “all the agreements reached must be implemented and in this vein we should move on.”

As we reported, on January 6, Christians of the Eastern Rite celebrate Christmas Eve; the day after that, naturally, they observe Christmas.

This tradition is a custom for all Ukrainian Orthodox Churches, most of Ukrainian Evangelical Christians, Orthodox Churches of Jerusalem, Russia, Serbia and Georgia, ancient monasteries on Mount Athos, as well as Christians of the Eastern Rite, Greek Catholics, Armenian Apostolic Church, some protestant groups and the Coptic Church. 

Christmas Eve is the final day of the Christmas Lent.

No one is allowed to eat anything or even take a seat by the dinner table until the first evening star. When it rises, the entire family gathers by the table for holiday dinner. Often, peopel leave an extra epmty plate on a table – in memory of the late family members.

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