Australia on fire: Ukrainian government ready to provide assistance

The Ukrainian government is ready, if necessary, to provide assistance to the Australian people due to massive bushfires across the country.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine said this in a statement on the wildfire situation in Australia.

“For its part, the Government of Ukraine is ready to render assistance to the friendly Australian people if the situation requires it. The Ukrainian Embassy in Australia is in constant contact with government and local authorities, including to determine the presence of Ukrainian citizens among the victims,” the statement says.

The Foreign Ministry also emphasizes that Ukraine is deeply saddened by the development of the situation, which remains critical and claimed the lives of a large number of people, as well as dozens of missing persons as a result of wildfires in Australia.

“Our heartfelt condolences to the families of victims, as well as wishes of fast recovery to those injured and success to rescue teams and firefighters, who are involved in relieving the tragic effects of wildfires,” the statement reads.

The Foreign Ministry adds that the Australian Government is taking all necessary steps to minimize the effects of fires.

As Ukrinform reported, at least 24 people have been killed as bushfires have burned more than 12 million acres in Australia.

The fire season in Australia is far from over, and already it is shaping up to be one of the most intense in the country’s history.

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  1. Climate change is real and has been around long before industrialisation and long before humans. Whether the current trends are caused by humans and whether humans could actually affect real change is moot. Whatever the west does, countries like China, Russia, Brazil and India will not change anyway.
    Climate activists such as XR are just heads from the international Marxist revolutionary hydra. If you ask a professional Green politely, they will confirm that their core ideology is Marxism.
    The disaster in Australia now appears to be nothing to do with climate change. ‘Green’ politicians made it illegal for farmers to do controlled burn-offs each winter to create fire-breaks. Those that had fire breaks did not lose their properties.
    Worse than that, c.300 arsonists have been arrested or are under investigation for causing this disaster. Apparently many of these sick little fire bugs are disturbed juveniles, inadequates and degenerates.

    • Yeah, you can’t do controlled burn-offs because shrubs have rights too you know. Better to kill humans and let the houses burn before violating the rights of shrubs.

      • A smart person wouldn’t build houses in the middle of a forest. In the UK we have smart developers who build houses on flood plains, every year the houses get flooded, and owners have great difficulty selling them.

        • Currently a territory as large as Belgium has been turned into ashes. I think the situation goes way beyond what you argue.

        • In California home owners are not allowed to clear shrubs from their land because shrubs have rights too, so they have fires, then as a result of the fires they have mud slides which take out the shrubs anyway…
          Rewind and repeat because we’re sofuckingstupid…

    • A theory put forth says climate activists may have a hand in Australia with the intent to promote their program.

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