Russian Navy ship disabled while being in Syria, towed back to Black sea Naval base

Russian Navy Landing ship ORSK suffered engine (one of two) breakdown during her regular trip from Naval base Sevastopol, Black sea, to Syria, and had to be towed back to Sevastopol by Navy tug MB-304, passing Bosphorus on Jan 3. Turkish bloggers didn’t miss this transit and posted a lot of photos in social nets.

Russian Navy Landing ship ORSK, Project 1171 (Tapir), commissioned 1968, displacement 4650, capacity up to 1500 tons of cargo and vehicles, crew 55, Black Sea Russian Navy Fleet.

Navy tug MB-304, Project 745, commissioned 1977, displacement 1452, crew 32, Black Sea Russian Navy Fleet.

(c) Maritime Bulletin


  1. Yet more evidence of Russia’s claim to be a superpower. At least they have enough tugboats for a superpower.

  2. If only one Engine had broken down it could still get back under its own power. There was more to it than the Ivans have said.

    Doubtless it was lack of maintenance or a vital part is unobtainable, probably because it has to be got from Ukraine or somewhere the sanctions have been applied.

    vatniki Shipyards have more scrap metal than China!

  3. Except for hardy, har, har, what else is there to be said about the mafia rust-bucket navy and its rust-bucket boats?

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