Musician Dr. Alban allowed to go to Kyiv after Zelensky’s intervention

Swedish musician was denied entry into country after concert in annexed Crimea11:22, 5 January 2020000

112 Agency

The Swedish musician and singer Dr. Alban, who was denied entry into the country after a concert in annexed Crimea. The singer wrote on his Instagram that he managed to perform in Kyiv after the intervention of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Recall Dr. Alban is a Swedish musician of Nigerian descent, performing in the style of Eurodens. He received the greatest fame thanks to the hit It’s My Life.

As we reported, British lifestyle magazine Good Housekeeping published the article, in which it recommended its readers to visit Russia and the occupied Crimea, using the illegally built Kerch bridge from the mainland Russia

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  • Zenny is a traitor , so he loves traitors. What idiot did Ukraine voted for?

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  • It’s okay. Alban made a mistake, but he seems happy he can finally give a concert in Kyiv. I hope he learned his lesson.

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    • No. Zel is out of order again. Many artists do a show in Kyiv, before crossing over to tour Russia. None should be allowed. Lenny Kravitz is one. Even though he has Ukrainian antecedents.
      The New Zealand singer Lorde was publicly persuaded to cancel Israel shows by Roger Waters, Peter Gabriel and Brian Eno. Yet Waters is happy to tour Russia and even praises putler. And the Lorde bitch also toured Russia after blowing out Israel.
      No artists performing in Russia or the places it currently occupies should be allowed to enter Ukraine. Otherwise, why should anyone else care?

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      • I mostly agree. But not all artists are interested in politics. Alban is not a pro-ruskie. He sold plenty of tickets. I doubt so many in Kyiv want to see a concert of a traitor. A novice cannot even trust Google to show who the Crimea belongs to, which is a shame. But i also have to admit that Alban’s songs of the 90s remind me of the best times in my life, including my first love. 😉

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      • Good Housekeeping is also the villain here. Since when did a magazine and manufacturer start encouraging illegal activity? That in itself has the stench of Moskali malfeasance. Even Walmart sells Good Housekeeping products. They can scratch me off their list of Customers…

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  • Never heard about him, nevertheless by law he is traitor.

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    • You didn’t miss anything, i guarantee you, but why should he be considered that important you even call him a traktor!? 🤔
      Traitor to whom?

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      • You are totally without sympathy for Ukraine.

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        • Just because i don’t consider this “swedish” so called artist being a traitor to Ukraine?

          Why should you or anyone here consider him that important, you tell me.
          Just a crappy “artist”.

          Ukraine is an independent nation and shall continue being an independent nation though i hope relationship with the neighbour will be solved, with negotiations and not with guns.
          And yes, this is on Putin.

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          • Doesn’t matter how crap he is, he’s a fucking traitor, as are all artists performing on occupied territory. They are legitimising occupation. Cannot even you see that?

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            • I get the point, actually!
              But it seems as if the man ukrainians gave the power to rule their country don’t get it!
              And not to mention the ukrainians buying tickets or looking at this shit!

              It’s tragic, really tragic.
              All of you are giving him this importance, russians aswell as ukrainians.

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  • Yeah, swedish, really! 🤣

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