Ukrainian army to receive military simulators, level of training base supply to reach 60% in 2020

The training centers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are supplied with necessary equipment by 40% today, while the budget for 2020 will allow increasing this index to 60%, the ArmyInfo news agency reported referring to Deputy Head of the Military Training Department of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Lieutenant Colonel Vladyslav Ponomariov.

“Simulators will be purchased for training of drivers and crews, for example of 2S6 Tunguska, and the troops in general. In particular, the training center of the Air Forces will receive multimedia complexes of the S-300 missile system and the Buk-M1 system. The training center of the Naval Forces will be provided with the T-80 tank simulators and the training center of the air assault forces will receive BMP fixed-base simulators,” he said.

IT rooms will also be equipped with computers to allow commanders to manage virtual troops.

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  1. In other military news ukraine will be training over 6000 NCOs next year.
    Additionally Zelensky singned a bill changing the rank structure to phase out the old Soviet rank of Warrant Officer and replacing it with Sergeants.
    This is a important step in the process of Ukraine’s NATO integration. It is also an indication of how much work Ukraine has to do.

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