Bildt calls Russian Foreign Ministry’s statement on Crimea ‘bullshit’

Former Prime Minister of Sweden Carl Bildt has called the recent statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry regarding Crimea “bullshit”.

“Bullshit. There was certainly no armed coup in Kyiv – just the collapse of a failed and thoroughly corrupt president. And Putin himself has talked about how he sent his troops to take over the Crimea. That was obviously in blatant violation of international law,” the Swedish politician wrote on his Twitter account.

Bildt commented on the statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry, which said that “the proclamation of the independence of the Republic of Crimea and its unification with the Russian Federation were a legitimate exercise of the right of the people of Crimea to self-determination following an armed coup in Ukraine with foreign support.”

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  • Bildt should become Nato secretary. 😂

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  • Good man. The truth at last. That should be the collective response, but unfortunately we know that the EU is crawling with filthy putler jackboot lickers.

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    • If McCain would have been POTUS and Bildt swedish Prime in 2014, we would live in a different world now. The voters fucked up. Now the pro-ruskies are infiltrating party by party, and rocks like Bildt and Haley are getting rare. Very tragic. But great to see that the few proud that are still out there don’t keep their mouth shut.

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    • That’s what we need, someone to call bullshit every time that bilge is spewed forth from the Kremlinals. Although I wish it was the UN Secretary General, current Prime Ministers or the POTUS. The media won’t do it because their ideology is more in line with the Kremlin’s.

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      • Don’t look to daesh Dustbin Turdo, our Canadian PM. The rectum is off growing a muslim beard. We just need to figure out how to put a diaper on his head like another MP.

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  • What a breath of fresh air from Carl Bildt!
    It is a rare thing when a leading European politician speaks the unabridged truth, regarding the crime syndicate. What is NOT bullshit coming from the foul traps of Ruskie mafioso scoundrels?

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