Facebook to launch program against disinformation in Ukraine in 2020

13:31, 1 January 2020

Netizens will be able to recognize manipulative information using tags

In 2020, Facebook might launch a program to counter disinformation in Ukraine. Kateryna Kriuk, Facebook’s public policy manager for Ukraine, noted, as Detector Media reported.

 “We have potential cooperation (with Ukraine – ed.), but a contract has not been signed yet and, accordingly, we are preparing for 2020 to launch this program in Ukraine,” Kriuk noted.

The company will visually highlight information in which there are signs of manipulation. Facebook is currently working on the technical designation of relevant data so that people can separate the manipulation in their feed. In the future, it is planned not only to recognize such information with the help of tags, but also to provide users with a link to an article “that debunk one or another myth.”

Kriuk noted that now Facebook is working with local fact-checking organizations that help verify content in order to highlight manipulative information. She added that Facebook has 46 partners who are involved in data verification, but in Ukraine the company has no partners yet.

“We are now preparing to expand the global anti-disinformation program in Ukraine. We have a system that has already been developed in the world,” said Facebook’s public policy manager for Ukraine.

Earlier it was reported that Facebook recognized a new leak of user data in early November, but the company did not specify exactly what data the application developers collected.

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