USSR and Hitler divided Poland: Germany responded to Putin scandalous statement

Germany responded to the scandalous statement by Russian President Vladimir Putin that Poland was directly involved in “unleashing the Second World War.”

“The position of the federal government (Germany  – ed.) Is clear: the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact served to prepare for the criminal invasion of Nazi Germany in Poland. The USSR, together with Germany, took part in this brutal partition of Poland, ” said German Ambassador to Poland Rolf Nickel on Twitter.

Earlier, former President of the European Council, former Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk said that the Polish authorities and the opposition need to unite against the lies of Russian President Vladimir Putin .

Recall, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about the role of Poland in unleashing the Second World War .

Putin said that Poland was conspiring with Hitler. He called the Polish ambassador to Germany at that time an “anti-Semitic pig.”

After that, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs called in Russian Ambassador Sergei Andreev.

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