Plane made emergency landing due to engine malfunction in Russia

15:32, 31 December 2019

It was plane of Ural Airlines

Plane of Ural Airlines, flying from Novosibirsk to Moscow, made an emergency landing at the airport of Yekaterinburg due to a malfunction of one of the engines. TASS reports.

“During the flight on the route Novosibirsk – Moscow, an indication of a malfunction of one of the engines was triggered. The aircraft commander decided to make an emergency landing in Koltsovo. The landing was successful, the passengers will be provided with everything necessary while waiting for the departure,” – the statement said.

As we reported, A plane with 100 people aboard crashed in Kazakhstan. The country’s Industry Ministry reported that on Facebook.

The tragedy occurred not far from Kyzyl-Tu in Almaty region, at 7.22 local time.

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