StopFake #267 with Marko Suprun: Ukraine violates treaties

Polling proves that Ukraine is ready to capitulate because reporting by Russia’s Defence Ministry TV channel Zvezda never lies and Ukraine violated the Budapest Memorandum.

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    • Suprun’s best update yet.
      “It’s as if the sun rises in the west and sets in the east in Russia.”
      “One thing you can be sure of, when Lavrov’s lips are moving, he is lying.”
      Some day when we are a little bigger we should invite him to a live chat here on…

        • Ditto.
          They probably cut that part out ;))
          I’m glad he gets really personal with the likes of Lavrov. I hope he turns up the heat. We should invite him and tell him he can swear all he wants here :)))

          • Yeah, we won’t censor him. What is annoying, not one MSM in Europe or the US ever try to destroy Lavrov’s lies.

            • Yes it is discouraging. He could say the sky is yellow and the media would report it as a fact. That is one of the reasons UAToday has been so important, the Moskali come out with their disinformation very quickly and there was hardly any responses in English.

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