Relatives of the Heroes of Heavenly Hundreds are asked to be included in the list for the exchange of prisoners of Portnov instead of ex-Berkut

Relatives of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes are asked not to include ex-Berkutovites on the list for the exchange of prisoners, but instead to give the former deputy head of the Presidential Administration, Yanukovych Andrey Portnov.

This was reported in GO Rodini Heavenly Hundreds.

Families of Heroes expressed their indignation at the inaction of law enforcement agencies and the lack of reaction to threats and intimidation of participants in the Revolution of Dignity by representatives of the Yanukovych regime.

“Such inactivity of the National Police and the GPU raises the question: have the leadership of these bodies really forgotten what Maidan was going for and against? Will they really endure the boasting of the odious Portnov, who, after the massacres of his minions by our relatives, fled the country with his tail caught, and now he is bold enough to give orders to law enforcement officers and foretell revenge? If our law enforcement officers know the word “honor”, ​​these mockeries of the memory of our relatives should be put to an end. It is necessary to exclude from the list for the exchange of Golden Eagles, and in return to include Portnov in this list. We demand an immediate legal response to Portnov’s threats and anti-state activities. Instead of golden eagles, they can exchange Portnov for captive citizens of Ukraine held by the aggressor country, Russia, ”the statement said.

Recall, the Kiev Court of Appeal released from custody of three ex-Berkut , accused of killing 48 and injuring 80 people on Institutskaya Street on February 20, 2014.

Oleg Yanishevsky, Sergey Zinchenko and Pavel Abroskin were released from custody.

The court also canceled the house arrest of two other former Berkut members accused in this case – Sergey Tamtur and Alexander Marinchen. They were all released on a personal obligation.

The GPU reported that the killings on Euromaidan, which included former employees of the Golden Eagle, will be continued.

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  1. “We demand an immediate legal response to Portnov’s threats and anti-state activities. Instead of golden eagles, they can exchange Portnov for captive citizens of Ukraine held by the aggressor country, Russia, ”the statement said.”

    I couldn’t agree more. How much blood has this pro Russian got on his hands?

    • For some reason, Ukraine blocked the media coverage of prisoner swap, while the Russian media were allowed to the place of exchange. Political expert Volodymyr Katsman reported this to He also noted that such a ban for the media is introduced for the first time.

      “You can recall the phrase by the head of the President’s Office, Andryi Bohdan, that the authorities do not need journalists. Therefore, the authorities artificially created conditions under which it is impossible to cover the exchange. The Russian media are all allowed and the Ukrainian are not. Why? What kind of privacy regime, if all it’ll become obvious, because I repeat – the Russian media are there, they will become the primary source of all the news . Why couldn’t it be possible to accredit the media and allow them, as happened before during the exchanges? Whose initiative is it? Mendel or Timoshenko? Bohdan or Zelensky?” – Katzman noted.

      At the same time, as Vyacheslav Chechilo, the editor-in-chief of the Capital news agency, writes in his telegram channel, the so-called “Ombudsman of the DPR” Daria Morozova became the main source of exchange information over the past two days, and the Ukrainian authorities were unable to organize normal informing of journalists.

      Earlier, the press center of the Joint Forces Operation refused to accredit journalists for the exchange of prisoners, which is due to take place on December 29 at the Mayorsk checkpoint. The head of the Staff, Vitaly Sarantsev, said that “the president’s apparatus will provide photos and video materials,” – since the Joint Forces Operation staff is not the organizer.

      Putin runs Ukraine again!

      • This is so Ukraine will not be able to prove which terrorists Zelensky has sent back to Russia. This is the start of the Yanukovich regime again.

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