Protesters block remand prison in Kyiv to prevent prisoner swap with occupied Donbas

Reason for protest is that former law enfocers from Berkut riot police are on exchange list09:40, 29 December 2019000

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Protesters that gathered near the Lukyanivsky pre-trial detention center in Kyiv to block the prisoner swap between Ukraine and occupied Donbas are still blocking the facility. The reason for their actions is that former law enfocers from Berkut riot police (1992-2014) are on the list of exchange. Ukrinform news agency reports.

“As of 7 am, fewer people were noticed near the Lukyanivsky pre-trial detention center, they were divided into small groups and stood near all possible exits from the pre-trial detention center,” – the journalist reported.Related: Representatives of so-called Luhansk People’s Republic went to checkpoint Mayorsk, – Russian media

It was previously noted that former security officials, suspected of killing Maidan activists at the end of February 2014, are on the lists for the exchange of second-hand persons.

As we reported, In Kyiv, a rally of opponents of the exchange of ex-Berkut near Lukyanivsky pre-trial detention center. Protesters barricade the building

The exchange of imprisoned individuals between Ukraine and the militant-held Donbas will take place on December 29. The venue will be Mayorsk entry-exit checkpoint in the Donetsk region.

Former fighters of Berkut riot police, suspected of killing Euromaidan protesters in February 2014, have been excluded from the list. The three servicemen spent more than six years over the bars.

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  1. These Berkut where probably back in Russia before the protestors even found out these terrorists were to be exchanged.

  2. Ukraine and Russia begin to sign of gas transit documents………………………..with Berkut Agents ‘safe’ in Putins Hands!

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