President was supposed to explain the release of Berkut to hundreds of Heavenly families, but went to the opening of the bridge

Sometimes the only thing left when dealing with a cannibal is to simply stand by his victim. By eater, I mean Putin and his regime. He unscrewed our hands and put us in a situation that basically should not be.

I just returned from the court of appeal, which released the Berkutsk people under personal obligation. Everyone understood what the decision of the panel would be. But when it was announced, a wave of hatred swept through the hall. I closed my eyes for a moment because I felt it on the physical level.

I will not comment on the exchanges. I have too little information about the content of negotiations, and at stake, human lives. Any abstract reflections on this topic cause real pain to both the people who have lost loved ones on the Maidan and the people who have lived in the hope and despair of seeing their loved ones at home for several years.

I will not comment on the procedure itself. It is just beyond the law.

But one thing I will say for sure. It’s about communication. The office of the President is responsible for the exchanges, and it is very likely that tomorrow when people return from captivity (which I very much hope), then Vladimir Zelensky will be the first to meet them again in September.

But today he had to find the courage and meet with the families of the Heavenly Hundreds and the Victims, who had only learned about the appeal in the morning and at least in a closed format, but honestly explained to them the situation. They are entitled to it. And he had to take that responsibility.

Instead, the president went to the opening of a bridge in the village of Dovge-Kalusko. And this is clearly not human.

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  • “Instead, the president went to the opening of a bridge in the village of Dovge-Kalusko. And this is clearly not human.”

    Spineless piece of crap. He has shown his contempt for Ukrainian patriots murdered by his boss in the Kremlin.

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    • ‘James Sherr, Senior Fellow, Estonian Foreign Policy Institute:
      The more determined we are to secure peace in Ukraine, the more elusive it will be. The reason for this is that Ukraine matters more to Russia than anything except Russia itself. Since 2014, Russia has used hard power to show that it will not be dislodged except on its own unacceptable terms: a veto over Ukraine’s foreign policy and an institutionalized role in its internal affairs.’
      Extracted from a new article in the Atlantic Council : ‘Is Peace Possible in 2020?’

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      • Zelensky is capitulating little by little. First we had the door open for the Russian trash who disappeared sharply when Poro was in power. Then we had the same Russian trash bringing all sorts of accusations against the only patriotic Ukrainian president since independence. Add todays disgraceful state of affairs, I have a feeling Ze is living on borrowed time, giving the middle finger to Ukrainian heroes, is the last straw I believe.

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        • The phrase ‘a veto over Ukraine’s foreign policy and an institutionalized role in its internal affairs’ is a striking one, since this is exactly what the little shitweasel has in Belarus, the stans, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Georgia is going the same way, because it has been completely abandoned by the west. It is run from the shadows by Bidzina Ivanishvili, who is fulfilling the Zel role. Sad and very annoying at the same time.
          Oh for a powerful western leader with ballz!

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          • The only one who ever stood up to Putin was Dalia Grybauskaitė, pity she couldn’t get elected to the Presidency of the European Commission, instead of the fool Juncker.

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          • I’m truly concerned. Either Ze will sell Ukraine down the Volga or another Maidan will cause a russian full scale invasion. Ze seems convinced ukrainians are too tired of the war to go for another uprise, and i fear he’s right. That explains his shameless treason which he is not even trying to hide.

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            • And Zelensky acts as though the decision to exchange the Berkut were demands of the Kremlin and agreed to by his administration (Bohdan) and then his final approval.
              There will be another Maidan because Zelensky will not suddenly grow a spine or realize he is a Ukrainian patriot.
              What will the Kremlin demand next? They already demanded Ukraine drop the lawsuits, and now release anyone they want, wth is next? Putler could ask Zelensky to build the land bridge to Transnistria and Zelensky would say YES SIR!

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              • Problem now is Putin can order anyone murdered in Ukraine, knowing all he has to do is take a few hostages to get the guilty party released.

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              • A jew is always first a jew, anything else follows second. It is sad but true. Zelensky sadly fulfills all clichés of a jew owning property in Italy in a russian mafia neighborhood. Ukrainians will bitterly regret they preferred this pimp over Yulia and Petro for a long time.

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        • Zelensky’s sour attitude was identified quickly when he, almost immediately, showed his contempt for Ukrainian journalists. Of course, the pen is mightier than the sword, so they say.

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  • Here is a statement from Zelensky, fucking unbelievable!

    “” If I had a hundred Berkut soldiers and I would be offered one scout, I would give them a hundred Berkut soldiers,” said Vladimir Zelensky . The transfer of five ex-fighters of the Golden Eagle to the militants will not affect the affairs of the Maidan, they will be completed, he stressed.”

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